SoftwareIdeas.io Launched today

As some of you may have already seen from my post, SoftwareIdeas.io has become an official product as of today. So many Indie Hackers and bootstrappers have shown support for the project, and people really seem to be loving the newsletter not only for the ideas I share, but also because it gives them a framework to evaluate their own ideas.

If you'd like to learn more about SoftwareIdeas.io, check out the just-launched landing page. It still has some work left from a UI perspective, but I'm pretty happy with the copy!

Thanks to everyone who's made this project real!

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    Hey Kevin - congrats on getting going and growing sales in less than a month! How long were you building before you launched?

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      Thanks! I started doing pre-sales about two weeks before the official launch

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        Sorry I think you missed my question. How long were you building your product before your launched?

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          My product is a newsletter, so all it took to "build" was a landing page and the time it took to write the first issue.

          So, say 5 hours for the landing page and 20 hours to write?

          Sorry if I'm misunderstanding still.

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            Don't you analyze the database of startups you're accessing? Do you have some sort of model that you developed or are you just throwing darts?

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              Yep, I’m manually applying a model to analyze opportunities. It’s not an algorithm though, it takes manual work.

              It takes me about 6+ hours to research, write, and edit for a single idea, and I do three per week. So it’s definitely not just throwing darts. Well, no more throwing darts than any idea is before it has paying customers, anyway

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    Awesome - way to go

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      Thank you Naanyaar!

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