December 10, 2019

Day 1


Ok Indie Hackers this is my official Hello World post!

Exciting day with a massive mountain to climb in front of us, but today me and my business partner launched the website for - the easiest and most affordable solution for single person businesses to do payroll and we're so pumped to share the journey on here and be a part of the community.


Why we are building SoloPayroll: Both him and I know the ups and downs of being a contractor / owning a one person business. In case you didn't know this obscure fact, if you own a one person business (aka contractors aka freelancers aka a bunch of other names) there are some big advantages to filing your taxes correctly. The short version is that you save almost 15% on your taxes by not double paying on social security and medicare taxes.

There's only one catch to structuring payroll for your single person businesses - you have to do a whole bunch of things that entities like C-Corps, and S-Corps have to do, ONE of which is filing payroll. The reason we built SoloPayroll is that the payroll solutions out there are NOT tailored to one person businesses, and they all cost $40+ / month.

We set out to build a tailored solution for single person businesses that only costs $10/month.

We plan to launch in Q1 of 2020 and we're taking early signups now on our website

So after all that, I wanted to post in the group to let everyone know we're beginning our journey and will be around to document it.

We would LOVE and feedback on the site, idea, what we can expect in these early days, or any words of wisdom you can provide on the journey to startupland.

Massive thanks in advance,

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