October 23, 2019

First "post revamp" paying member

Mick @Primer

So I've been working extremely hard on SongBox over the past month or so. I've gone deep on every element and my thinking was along the lines of - lets focus on this and make a decision to kill it or not in the next few weeks.

A bit of background here - after launching SongBox I got involved in another startup as a co-founder which quickly gained traction and significant investment, so I took my eye of the ball on SongBox. During that time I got 10 - 15 paid members signup on paid plans but because I was ignoring the app at that time they fell away. Most cancelled after a month.

About a month ago when i came back to look at SongBox i found a bunch of really silly bugs and things that - with a bit of space and perspective - just weren't cutting it. So I've rattled a lot of things, worked on it full time for a month...

.... and today someone signed up to the top tier plan. I'm feeling validated again. It's one customer, just one customer, i'm not ordering my "lambo" (hate that word) any time soon. However I believe if one person sees enough value in your product to pay for it then others will. I just need to get it in front of more eyes.

Today is a good day.

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