Huge feature update

I've had a wee flurry of activity over the past few weeks thanks to the excellent feedback I've received from paying customers. Some of this has been revelatory (like this post shows) and some has been stuff that's been on the back burner for a while and I've now made time to get it done.

All of these features have been in high demand so I'm hoping that conversion will increase now, or at least churn will drop.

The biggest change is allowing the users to add custom artwork to each SongBox they create. This completely changes the feel of each page. Also, I'll be introducing a new tier this week that will sit in between "Hobby" and "Pro" and anyone on this new tier or above will be able to remove the SongBox branding, so that it just looks like an awesome EPK (electronic press kit).

The number of changes that I've had to make have required the need for an (also long overdue) redesign of what a SongBox looks like. I've done individual designs for mobile and desktop and IMO they both look great.

I've already had feedback from one paying customer who is absolutely delighted.



Read about all the updates here

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