November 19, 2019

SongRender v2 released!

Jake Lazaroff @jakelazaroff

It’s taken about six long months of hard work, but I finally pushed a big enough update to SongRender that I’m informally calling it v2.

The first version was a true MVP. There weren’t even any user accounts — once you started a video, you’d lose it forever once you closed your browser. It was great validation, though, because despite a small initial marketing push and then mostly radio silence as I worked on this update, SongRender has seen over 150 videos created and made almost $300!

This update adds user accounts, a file manager, a totally rewritten editor with HTML Canvas, and a lot more. Almost every corner of the app has been redesigned or improved under the hood. It’s a huge architectural change, and I’m super excited to finally release it.

Special shout-out to this community — this is the longest I’ve kept up a side project and I never truly appreciated how difficult it is to put in consistent work at building a business in your off time. Balancing design, development, marketing, normal work and a social life is a herculean task. Keep up the good work, y’all!