October 17, 2020

Shutting down

Scott Ramsay @scottramsay

I've decided that I'm going to drop this project. It was alot of work, but sadly I've more passion in more recent projects and don't see me personally being able to scale it much more with the limited time I have.

Sometimes it's okay to drop projects so it gives focus on others!

It'll be archived in my graveyard of failed projects. You live and take these learnings forward to new!

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    Hi ! sad to hear that :( i'm working on something similar, do you think that it is saturated ?

    1. 1

      Hey, hard to tell. I never really pushed this one if im honest. I know there's quite a few of these apps about so you need to market it to be unique. Im going for b2b products now as im finding it's a better industry for me to get sales. Good luck!

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        There is a similar product as yours that was sold just last week in MicroAcquire! maybe you should try listing it there, https://www.indiehackers.com/product/pivalink/pivalink-was-acquired--MIyGqJFv818QmNkna_K

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          Hey @Zakariabou! Speaking with Andrew now. Let’s see how it goes :)

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    sad to see that it died.. Really liked the idea and end product to be honest..

  3. 1

    Any thought about open sourcing it?

  4. 1

    Good luck for the next projects!

    Do you mind sharing what you would do differently next time you launch a new project?

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    Hey Scott - I’m interested in the product/space (no pun intended). Happy to discuss options if you’re looking to get the product off your portfolio. Let’s chat.

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    Are you sure you aren't throwing in the towel prematurely?

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    are u going to open source it?

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