January 14, 2020

First time playing against an actual stranger!

David Hardenbrook @dhardenb

Since www.SpaceFrigates.com is an online, multiplayer game I've been anxious to encounter somebody in the game for the first time. (somebody that is not a friend or family member that I begged to log on ;-) )

Tonight was that first encounter! It was brief but super rewarding anyway.

Because the game is new and I really have not marketed it at all I get very little traffic. So the odds of a random encounter is really small.

So what I did is put out an update today that integrates with Twillio. Then, whenever somebody connects I send an SMS warning message to myself.

A few hours later I got my first text and quickly in logged in. Sure enough, first contact!!! I don't think the folks at SETI will be more excited when they encounter their first ET! :-)

I really, really wish I had a way to communicate with that person. I think I am going to quickly add a chat feature. The game is already streaming data so shouldn't be too difficult.

I know I have a very long way to go from here but was a pretty awesome milestone anyway.

I future milestone is that I need to turn the SMS warning back off because of all the traffic! :-)

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