October 15, 2019

Updated the landing page with more examples

Imed Adel @imedadel

I saw a comment on HackerNews that mentioned the lack of examples and clarity to what the extension does, which seems to be true.

So, I designed some demos on Figma to showcase how the extension is used on LeetCode and what does it exactly do.

I chose to use the SVG format instead of JPG, PNG or using videos in order to achieve better performance.

I also updated the colors, from Pale Goldenrod to White Smoke for the background color, and to Sea Green for the purchasing button.

You can see the new landing page on https://spacedleet.imedadel.me

Today's Top Milestones
  • Weekly Update #9
    Big news this week for the marketing team - we successfully hired and are onboarding a new content manager that will help get our content to the next
  • 20 issues and $1200 revenue
    Today I'm sending out the 20th issue of my newsletter Community Weekly and celebrating the revenue mark. This 20 issues really were a learning curve f
  • Keyword API
    Just launched this new API endpoint to get access to Keyword suggestions, Search volume estimates, CPC and Paid competition. The most challenging part