January 11, 2020

Quit the day job!


Personal update.

Today was a bittersweet day - I left my job. It was a job I liked. However, it was also a drain of time and ENERGY. It demanded a fairly involved on-call rotation, which could ruin sleep on any given night.

My co-founder Nick also left a couple weeks ago, and we now can place all of our focus on building, sharing, and learning. Extremely excited for what this unlocks!

We aren't making any revenue (there's not even a way to pay!), so many people might view this as a questionable decision. There's wisdom to that perspective.

But I have found that I only have a certain amount of energy in a day. And the day job didn't just limit my time, but monopolized my energy.

With savings built up to last for a bit, and a mindset of frugality, we've essentially purchased a window of time to spend our energy on something great. I'm excited!

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