Reached 150 Registered Users!

Sparkling Fill now has 150 registered users. Most of the customer traffic has been driven from reaching out to user groups of crossword constructors. There has been a ton of great feedback coming from early users, and I have been leveraging that to evolve the product. While I have a ton of ideas for evolving the product, I have to keep my software developer side in check and start focusing on some marketing/business items.

Next steps:

  1. It's (past) time to build a quality landing/registration page. I'm going to create a new page with more product info, social proof in the form of complimentary quotes from early users, and screenshots.

  2. Create a blog post that details how to use the application to create a crossword puzzle. This will serve the purpose of driving a little traffic and also providing some helpful instructions for users.

  3. Integrate payments and create a distinction between free and "pro" versions of the site.

There's a ton of work to do and only limited time seeing this is just a side project for me, but excited to watch the site evolve over the remainder of the year.

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