January 10, 2020

Over 50 organizations using Spike

Kaushik Thirthappa @ktkaushik

Yes, it is a milestone for me :)

It's been a hell of a journey. I am super happy to say that there are over 50 organizations using Spike. Some stats -

  • Over 1000 incidents reported
  • More than 350 phone calls made
  • 95% of the audience who converted are inbound and rest is Outbound
  • Most common integration so far is AWS
  • Only 30% have setup uptime monitoring integration
  • So far, there have been only 4 support request queries by users
  • I got over 10 leads from Intercom and no-one signed up

I am still happy with the progress so far. My goal was to really get only 1 or 2 happy customers with whom I can engage in a constant feedback loop.

I have a list of 20 features to be built but users asked for something completely different so I am building that now.

Key is to not be deterrent and going on.

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