December 13, 2019

Holding Steady

Nick Haskins @nphaskins

It's been months 8 months since my last update here. In the span of time the first subscriber canceled. No indication as to why, even after prodding.

But you just move on.

Unlike most indie-hackers, I am no rush to become rich off of this project, or hope for it to be my single source of full-time income. I am very happy and well taken care of at my current employer and have no desire, nor reason to leave.

That allows SportKeeper to grow organically. It's either going to make it, or it doesn't. But for now, it's back to hussling.

We're back to one subscriber. It's a new gym opening soon, and they seem really set on using SportKeeper as their platform (they've even ordered the card reader from Stripe).

I'm also talking to a couple different gyms. Maybe they come on board. Maybe they don't. One of these leads is pretty well connected, and very interested in seeing SK succeed, and is offering to help in a couple different areas.

So, I'm still here, with some tricks still left up my sleeve.

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