October 29, 2020

Shipped a new feature!

Meet Chopra @MeetChopra

Here the problem I'm solving:

  • For me and people like me, the new tab seems to be not of any work.
  • Just some random website icons and google search bar you barely use.


  • I shipped a new tab feature to my chrome extension - Spotlight.

  • It list of all the open tab, you can quickly browse along with history in one go. Quick actions on the left to let you search history, bookmarks, downloads in a click and much more...

New thing that I learned while making it:
You can see and copy all the website changes you have done from developer tools.

  • One the developers console, press escape.
  • Click on "⋮" Icon.
  • Select Changes.
  • Now you can see all the changes you made right here.
Today's Top Milestones
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    I spent the last few weeks listening to early users and made some big changes to the product. Product updates include: - All new integrations dashboar
  • Weekly Update #9
    Big news this week for the marketing team - we successfully hired and are onboarding a new content manager that will help get our content to the next
  • 🎉 Just hit 1.000 users in Chrome Web Store
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  • Before our domain expires... let's launch!
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  • MVP Finished!
    We finished our MVP today! We've decided to call it Kbee (KB is a frequently used acronym for "Knowledge Base"). With Kbee, you can turn a series of G
  • Beta Launch!
    We launched our beta version this week to our 200+ beta users waiting on our waitlist. It has been a wild ride but it's definitely worth it. You can s
  • What is Form Automation Software & How to use it
    Our world is going faster each day. And we must keep up with this speed in our work. But don’t worry about your to-do list getting bigger, nor with yo
  • Launched POC
    Launched our POC at 3 schools to communicate care for kids at school living with type 1 diabetes. The POC is a no-code tool that combines care logging
  • Android/iOS App Build Complete
    Building on the learnings of several early-stage MVPs, we finally completed our Android/iOS App. Our core features were chat, care logging, and traini
  • Ready for beta testing and feedback
    A lot has happened since my last update in July. Not with this project, but It is exciting to say it's finished. Well, as finished as it needs to be f