June 3, 2020

(30Days) Landing page = 1.5ktraffic + 188 signups

Louis Tromans @LouTromans


Before I started this new SAAS journey, I always thought signup pages were complete BS and not worthwhile. BOY, was I wrong. I've never done such a quick U-turn in my entire life...

30 Days ago I decided WTF, I'll create a landing page and maybe see if a few people are interested - either way, I was still going to create my product.

Just to be clear, I have since created over 5 landing pages based on the original. However, I went back to the original around 15 days ago and made it super simple and barebone - which currently converts at around 12-15%.

30 days in and I have hit 1.5k traffic and 188 signups to my BETA testing stage. I am amazed.

How did I do this?

All the traffic is organic. 80% is Indiehackers. You lovely people have made my SAAS business come to life. (https://www.spreadtech.online/)

How did I get so many of you onboard? Content.

I don't promote Spread, ever. I create content that encapsulates something that many of you can relate to, and include Spread sprinkled within it. (Like I'm doing in this post).

Many of you would then click this link and wallah I was getting on average 5 signups per day.

My new goal is 250 by the end of June (ready for the BETA launch).

Spread is currently free to use if you sign up now. But eventually, it will be payment blocked.

If you've read this far down then I have two questions for you:

  1. What are you working on?
  2. How are you getting users signed up?

Thank you for reading :)

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