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December 9, 2020 Betalist = 4 new users instantly

Betalist is doing workkkkk! Been on there for less than a few hours and I've already snatched up 4 new users onto my platform!

If any of you guys can take a few seconds out of your day to upvote me then that would mean the world to me: Betalist

alternatively, just check out Spread here: Spread

We're in closed beta and taking in a few new users before the end of the year. Claim your space now :)

December 4, 2020 ProductHunted a side project

I created a TikTok e-book for content marketers to use to grow their business/marketing arsenal.

I mainly did this for two reasons:

  1. To get experience with posting on producthunt!
  2. to promote Spread (my main biz) within the producthunt post and in the actual e-book too!

So far I'm at the bottom of the daily leaderboard but hopefully I will pick up some steam soon with more posting throughout the day :)

Help me out here:

November 12, 2020 First Paying user!!

Today was a cool day. I and my Indie Hacker co-founder got our first paying user at Spread.

After months of creating the beta V.2, investing £1000's of pounds, and constantly doubting myself, it feels monumental to say that someone has actually paid to use our service, even if it is just a few quid...

Thank you to Ned! (our first paying user)!!!


Hey, it's Lou here, founder of Spread.

I'm after a tech leader to accompany me on this journey from beta/mvp stage ---> real product/growth stage!


Spread ( is a product I hold very close to my heart. I only want the best of the best to work alongside me to bring Spread from beta to market.

Spread is an automated content repurposing tool.

Content creators and content marketers will use Spread to repurpose their existing content into more content.

Spread is currently in BETA product testing stage. Currently Spread can turn youtube videos into podcasts, podcasts into blogs, and blogs into Twitter threads.


Let me start with why you would want to be a tech lead at Spread

A pre-built beta product (I will link in private)
Made by a great backend freelancer
335 beta users signed up to date
private launch commenced
30/335 beta users have been emailed links
feedback already gained
Only one similar product (duplikit)
Open to reasonable equity, profit sharing, and even payment options
It's just me, you, and our baby Spread... The holy trinity of startups :)


Your Role

Let me also be clear in saying that you will most likely be the tech lead for BETA ---> Real product/Growth stage only.

A more experienced CTO will be hired for Growth ---> Mass Market stage.

This will also happen to me as the CEO. And every other founding leader we bring on together. Unless you prove otherwise.


  • Get along with me great. We're gonna be a duo for a while... :)

  • Innovate the application so that it works and pleases users to the highest degree possible

  • See all opportunities for change, both in the product and team

  • Great coding skills (however, I presume this will be more so minimal as the product foundations are already built)

  • Lead a team of freelancer coders (post-beta stage)

  • Be everything a product manager is for a tech product

  • Committed to Spread for a few hours a day minimal

  • Understand the product. Background in content marketing preferable. Understand podcasting, blogging, social media etc would be great!

When we get talking we can draft everything out properly. We will probably both be wearing many hats in the beginning...


As I said before I'm not prepared to settle for anyone. I want to find the most perfect possible fit. And I'm happy to wait for that. But please don't let this discourage you from speaking to me or anything!!!

If you're interested in joining me then please email, DM me on Twitter, or simply reply below and I'll reach out to you.

Thank you so much for reading :)

July 10, 2020 304 Signups (No Product)

Finally. I broke the 300 signup mark I've desperately been trying to reach these past two months.

I couldn't have gone near it without YOU. Indiehackers. You guys have changed my life and made it all a reality.

Thank you.

Yes, as the title suggest I don't even have a product yet. The signups are pre-sign ups for the private BETA, but I'm hella looking forward to releasing it to all 304 of them and everyone else on IndieHackers.

I used to hate the idea of pre-sign-ups. It felt cringey and weird to me. I've definitely changed that ideology forever and now see the absolute beauty in this idea.

Hopefully, I will reach 350 in the next few weeks due to Adwords and some more IH posting!!

If you want to boost my traffic numbers then click here:

June 15, 2020 💩SHIT LANDINGPAGE💩

Yes, you read the title right. My landing page is... SHIT.

It's ugly, but in the internet world - UGLY CONVERTS.

I didn't purposely make it ugly to convert, I just happen to be completely new at landing pages and used WIX to create it. Which isn't the most flashy of landing page designers.


Here are a few stats for you (since I started ~1 month ago):

2,454 visits
2,035 unique visitors
13.5% conversion rate to sign up


Traffic sources:

89% Indiehackers
5% Twitter
3% Startuplister
3% FB ads


All by spending no more than £20:

Wix premium Account - £10
Facebook ads - £10


Even with a terrible looking landing page, I was able to achieve these results due to 3 things:

  1. Simple effective copy
  2. Overly generous signup offer
  3. Bold claims


What have I done to upgrade my shit landing page?

I've changed the design workflow and added some more copy. Currently, I still have the overly generous offer of a free BETA account, but soon it will be changed to paid only.

Let me know what you think?

Drop a comment of your landing page and I'll check it out too :)

June 3, 2020 (30Days) Landing page = 1.5ktraffic + 188 signups


Before I started this new SAAS journey, I always thought signup pages were complete BS and not worthwhile. BOY, was I wrong. I've never done such a quick U-turn in my entire life...

30 Days ago I decided WTF, I'll create a landing page and maybe see if a few people are interested - either way, I was still going to create my product.

Just to be clear, I have since created over 5 landing pages based on the original. However, I went back to the original around 15 days ago and made it super simple and barebone - which currently converts at around 12-15%.

30 days in and I have hit 1.5k traffic and 188 signups to my BETA testing stage. I am amazed.

How did I do this?

All the traffic is organic. 80% is Indiehackers. You lovely people have made my SAAS business come to life. (

How did I get so many of you onboard? Content.

I don't promote Spread, ever. I create content that encapsulates something that many of you can relate to, and include Spread sprinkled within it. (Like I'm doing in this post).

Many of you would then click this link and wallah I was getting on average 5 signups per day.

My new goal is 250 by the end of June (ready for the BETA launch).

Spread is currently free to use if you sign up now. But eventually, it will be payment blocked.

If you've read this far down then I have two questions for you:

  1. What are you working on?
  2. How are you getting users signed up?

Thank you for reading :)

May 22, 2020 113 BETA Sign-ups (in 22 days)

I am ecstatic.

I was meant to make this post when I reached 100. Sadly my traffic is not consistent. It's based off organic reach from posting primarily on Indiehackers and Twitter. So traffic is intermittent depending on when I post.

Therefore I get 'jumps' of sign-ups (much harder to track).

I can't tell you how happy I am with the number of users signed up. I was planning on reaching 100 by the end of June for the launch. Little did I know just how many people really wanted to use Spread...

I'm now looking to hit 250 by June. I'll be much more consistent with posting regular updates for you all! :)

I'm going to make another post about total traffic, conversion rates, and my exact strategy soon so follow if you want to. Or tell me what I'm doing right (or wrong) ->

May 15, 2020 Reached 800k Views on TikTok

I have a content marketing theme page that is complementary to my product - being a content repurposing tool.

I obviously have my landing page in the bio...

I don't get huge traffic off of it, but it definitely helps with brand awareness and educating people on content marketing.

800,000 total views
42,000 total likes
5,000 total followers

Not bad for 3 months?

Hopefully, as TikTok evolves clicking the link in peoples bio will become second nature as it is on Instagram or Twitter... Will have to wait and see :)

I recommend TikTok to anyone who's starting out. It feels good knowing that people are seeing your content, no matter what it is.

April 30, 2020 MY IDEA IS VALIDATED 🤩

Using my (built in 2 hours) landing page, and only utilising free organic traffic from Indiehackers and Quora I reached over 220 unique users and 17 sign ups for my beta product!

My homemade landing page:

I know the conversion rate isn't great and I'm looking into it, but I'm just so happy to have my product validated and know that some people will actually get real value out of it when it's finally launched!

Thrilled because 17 people clicked a button - crazy right?

Validation is something I looked over for wayyyyy too long, wish I did this much sooner!

But this whole thing is a learning curve, and I wouldn't have it any other way tbh :)


Repurpose your content (using GPT3) into blog posts and short-videos.