February 27, 2020

Launched on Product Hunt!


Hello everyone! Super excited to introduce you to Squadcast. We just launched on Product Hunt : https://www.producthunt.com/posts/squadcast-1e31ab19-7242-4b3d-86d4-b37cf4d56490

Over the last couple of years in the incident response space, we have come a long way in making reliability a fundamental process in organizations. With hundreds of iterations, thousands of user conversations, and millions of incidents we’re still continuing to evolve at Squadcast: The highest-rated product according to G2 Crowd in the incident management space.

Here’s a quick look into the why and how we started

The Problem

In today’s always-on world, not having the right incident and response management process comes with significant consequences. Current Challenges within the incident management space ranges from poor ease of use, too many false positives, lack of access to centralized information, too expensive, etc.

The solution

The goal of Squadcast is to be the easiest incident response platform - helping engineers do on-call scheduling and incident management in the SRE way. Finally, organizations can quickly and easily adopt Site Reliability Engineering practices to improve their incident resolution metrics and ultimately, the reliability of their systems.

We've been diligently building and learning about how to make alerting & on-call management more intuitive, simple and more aligned with the SRE philosophy of doing things. Our initial users and customers have appreciated us as the Google breed of on-call management done with a long-term reliability approach.

We're also super thankful for our supporters: our early adopters and customers, and our investors -- and many more.

We have a free version available and we'd love for you to check it out and share your feedback!
We'll be here with you all day so please ask any questions you might have 🤓

Any comment or questions please do tweet me @omiyokun

Cheers ✌️

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