January 16, 2020

Started sketching the core functionality

Nicolò Rebughini @nirebu

As an Email Administrator at a ESP company I needed to know quickly if an IP or a domain had been listed in any of the major DNSBL like Spamhaus or SORBS.

I felt I needed something that would take care of that task even in the case some incident happened during the night, so we could pinpoint the listing cause and impact with more accuracy and take action. I wasn't satisfied with the free tools found online so I've decided to go down the most logical road: build a new tool so I can monitor thousands of IPs.

Although what I wanted was clear, it wasn't clear how to build it. I didn't know how to code properly (I'd been out of IT for 10 years after high school) and what technologies were available. After exploring the alternatives I decided to with some of the stack I became familiar at work and some parts that felt good to use. With that scarce knowledge I set sails and started building.

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