December 19, 2019

Day 3 - Looks like a Real Thing

Tim @timed0

We've stitched together a photo loader and sorter, leaning heavily on components from Cloudinary and PixxiBook, so that you can construct a mini photo book, preview it, and advance to check out. Some hiccups with Stripe at the moment but hopefully they will authorize our live keys soon - no time to waste!

More and more is being pushed to "out of scope." So the cover style is pretty basic, order fulfilment will be by hand and I'm not even sure if the French language version will be included!

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    This is really cool. Love print media and you're right, holiday snaps on your phone are a poor user experience. Small formatting the product is a great idea and simplifying the process carves out a niche. I would definitely use this and I'm not just saying that. I wonder what Day 4 will bring?

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      Thanks for your feedback, that's awesome!

      It's now Day 4 and the site is working and you can actually buy a photobook now (in theory). Though how the cover will turn out is still a bit of a mystery. Day by day it should improve though and we should soon have personalisable covers and colours.

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        how exciting :-)