December 20, 2019

LAUNCH! Product-In-A-Week is Go!

Tim @timed0

Yes! I didn't think we'd actually make it this far but Photalitarian is now MVP feature complete! Our aim was to go from Idea to Customer in one week and we are now Customer-ready. This is where YOU come in!

Make your Pocket Photobook here:
Books are 9.95 in your favourite currency with Free shipping.*

At this point, we can ship to USA, France or UK.

Note: *We're still finalising USA print partners so it's not yet at parity with other countries: USA books will be Softcover only and the shipping isn't free. We're trying to fix this.

Please give it a go. Even if you don't fancy ordering a book yet, we'd love to hear your opinion!

UPDATE: launched on ProductHunt - please vote

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