November 1, 2019

Our Team Loves Our Work

Warren Parad @wparad

We've created and expanded our tool to fit our early adopters needs. And even more importantly it has still remained a staple for communication within our own team. We created this to be effective for us, and it has been.

We've also learned some interesting lessons, such as:

  • Rotating questions are really important so that team members stay interested in sharing.
  • Most teams like our standard questions, but others have done a great job coming up with unique ways to use standups. They can be really innovate and think of so many interesting usages we never considered like using Slack icons.

Our success in part is from how we "dog-food" Standup & Prosper. We want to make sure that we share all the improvements with our users, so that others can benefit. It wasn't always easy, but we've managed to stay up to date with changing integrations such as Slack Workspace Apps.

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