Google Login vs. Regular Email - Almost 50% used G

Implemented Google Login just before my launch on Product Hunt. PH gave 75 new accounts, and 31 of them was created with Google as a login.

This is more than I expected, and it says a lot about how users prefer to create accounts. I only have email or Google Login, so can't measure on any other login opportunities.

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    In my case, out of 500 people, maybe 20 were via username/password, the rest was all Google.

    I had FB login for some time as well - no one used it, so I replaced it with Twitter login, that had maybe 3/500.

    It really depends on your audience.
    Professionals will prefer clean, fast, secure way - so Google is great. Teens might use social media accounts such as Twitter/FB. Devs might use Github as well. So it all depends, and you implement what you think it's best.

    I'd refrain from "implementing them all", because you need max 2 ways to cover probably all of your user's need. Some services even have only one auth method (Google login usually).

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      Great insight.
      Also I recommend considering testing Login with Amazon.
      Considering 62% of Americans are members of Amazon, this could be a great idea.

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        While I understand the motivation, unless your app is also doing some shopping, it would seem weird. Maybe that's just me.

        Again, depends on the context of what your app is doing and what your users would be comfortable with and are familiar with.

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          I agree. As a user I wouldn't use Amazon login for a product that is not directly related to shopping or e-commerce. I have some payment information associated with my Amazon account so I would be very careful.

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    Thanks for the insight Tommy. Very interesting indeed. I only have Google login planned for the MVP because I did not want to deal with security issues related to personal data. I know it will harm my conversion rate but will see.

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      I might add an email option or magic link if you are using firebase. Not everyone uses google and some people have privacy issues with using only social login.

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        Thanks for that will take a look because I'm definitely willing to add more options. We're not using firebase yet but will see how we can implement it asap.

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    WOW, I remember when Google Login first came out, they touted a 30% increase in signups. I guess they weren't bluffing! Great insights - thank you!

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    I wrote about my experience with social logins here (stats from over 30K users): https://bit.ly/2TTlT7Q. In short, I wouldn't suggest you add any other login opportunities - Google wins :)

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    We see similar numbers between Google login and email. My concern is that people prefer that as an auth method but it's not their primary inbox for business communication. So we wind up with employees at a company signing up for the app but we are emailing to their personal gmail. I guess the additional conversions outweighs this concern🤷🤷

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    Tommy, this has been great insight man.

    I will more than likely look at how to implement it on my SaaS, brandchirps.com

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    I have Google login set on one of the products for more than 1 year now and the it's preferred by almost 90% of users. I also provide the option to use email & pass but that generates mainly fake signups that won't confirm their address.

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    Three words: Ease of Use
    Google login makes logging in only one click, possibly two, whereas normal email requires clicking, typing and more clicking and typing.
    It's natural for most people to simply click the big G and have everything done for them, and honestly, even I use it when it's available.

    Adding Facebook or other social login buttons probably would have changed the results from one-click being slightly behind to much further ahead

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    This is a great insight - thanks for sharing - but I find it depressing that so many users are okay with hitching their online personas to services known for pillaging personal data.

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    Wow, this has opened my eyes.

    Personally, I prefer username/password combo when signing up for services. That way I know the service isn't scraping any other data. Also I can then use a burner email if I feel it's needed.

    The only time I connect my Google account is when the service requires access to something like GA or Search Console.

    It seems I should offer Google as a sign up to my services.

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    Damn, that's crazy. Thank you for sharing. Definitely one to add to the product roadmap then!

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    This is not surprise at all to me.

    Pretty much people prefer google authentication because it is very convenient.

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    Interesting. We are using Google Magic Email link, so no remembering passwords but maybe it's better to offer that and Google Login, and facebook login.

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      Can you share more info on what's "Google Magic Email link"? I cannot find docs for it. Thanks.

      I implemented my own magic link that can only be used to sign in once:
      https://knapsackpro.com/users/sign_in Is this Google Magic Email link something similar?

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        Yeah same thing. You put in email and Google send you login via single use link so no passwords.

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          Can you share link to Google documentation on how I could integrate with that? Thanks.

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    Awesome - thanks @tommyjepsen for asking and everyone else for answering. I had a similar question and was wondering what data people had on the subject. 👍

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    Put simply, creating accounts a bit of a pain and using Google login makes it one or two clicks.

    I think the more interesting question is how many people don't bother making an account if you don't have a Google login button. I know I'm personally much more likely to make an account if it's only a couple of clicks.

    That said, I agree with the others that you don't need to provide loads of different ways. Just a couple of targeted buttons will cover most of your audience. My personal preference for signing up to things is usually Google then Github and reluctantly Twitter. I despise Facebook.

    I would even experiment with making the Google login button the main CTA on the landing page.

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      Yea, that could be interesting see, if those users would have used email/pw if Google wasn't there.

      I also feel Google Login kind of gives you an approval stamp on your product, that it is "secure" and "legit" even though in practice that is not necessarily true.

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    So i guess, developers would prefer logging in through github

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      To be honest I would prefer Google over Github, and I'm a developer. Feel like my Github is just my Github, unless loggin in usign Github enables some features in the product related to my Github account. But maybe that is just me :)

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        I agree (as a developer :)

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    Thats a great insight! Thanks for sharing 🙇‍♂️

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    Not trying to hijack the thread but I just wanted to share my own findings. Same result, Google login has been by far the most popular method of signup for me. It’s so far ahead that I was surprised when I looked at the data.

    3rd chart on this page shows latest stats:

    It’s so popular that it kind of scares me when I hear things about companies having to go through expensive and lengthy auditing processes to enable their google oauth access. Currently this happens if you request sensitive permissions from the user (which my app doesn’t) but you never know when this policy will change. TBH I wish the distribution in my user stats was a bit more spread out!

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      LOVE your open company page, thanks for sharing!

      I want to do that, but I am afraid it will take a lot of work and/or distract me from the "real" business.

      What was it like for you? Any advice?

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        Hi David. The charts and data are coming straight from the data source, so the page itself is zero maintenance. It updates itself once every 10 mins.

        As for getting it set up, I'm just using https://www.chartjs.org which is a free library for generating charts. You need a bit of javascript knowledge to get data from your data source into a format which chart.js understands but after you've connected the two things, it's all automatic.

        That's the technical side of things - did that answer your question?

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    It's crazy, people love the google login, at a former employer we had a significant uptick in sign ups by offering the one tap login with google because it reduced the friction in creating an account.

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    Thanks for sharing your stats!

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    Maybe it's related to thematic (a tool for sales), but at https://salebeat.io/ we have only ~30% use Google login.
    P.S. We have only email and Google login for now.

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      And for clear: almost 10% (from this 30%) use email + google.
      So users who use ONLY Google login just ~20%
      What we do wrong? :D

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        I had a look at your page and signup flow, and it took me a while to find the google login button. My guess that making that option more obvious like what CharlieHR does would help getting more users using Google login?


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          Thanks for advice ;)

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    Great insights indeed. I, myself, will always use Google Login if it is available

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