November 12, 2019

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Daxeel Soni @daxeelsoni

In just 29 days of launch, StartupAround crossed 5,000+ unique visitors with 9,500+ page views today. Also achieved following numbers as will in different channels,

  • 280,000+ twitter impressions
  • 2,300+ Facebook Engagements
  • 87,000+ Google Appearance
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    Congrats! Those are amazing numbers for just 29 days, can you share some strategies you used?

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      Thanks a lot. I don't think I have followed rock-solid strategies. But yes, I learned couple of things which helped me to achieve these numbers. I can share those learnings.

      1. Automation: Startup Around is a completely automated platform where content is being posted by my backend automatically every 30 minutes and that's why we are very fast in curating content. Thus, people are discovering the content very fast on Startup Around than any other platform.

      2. Social Media: Parallelly, the same content goes to facebook, twitter and telegram with relevant hashtags. It means my social handles generate regular content and thus people are keep coming from social media itself. Out of 5000+ users, 2216 are from social referrals.

      3. Organic (Google) Traffic: I am not an SEO guy who used solid SEO techniques. I build the dynamic sitemap for the website and every 30 minutes, my sitemap also updates with dynamic metadata for each link. Then I used google search console to submit sitemap and that's why each and every link is indexed on google regularly. And out of 5000+ users, 968 are from google search.

      I hope this helps. Still have anything to discuss, feel free to ask. I would be more than happy to discuss this.

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    How did you achieve those numbers in 29 days?

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      1. Automation
      2. Social Media
      3. Organic

      For more details, check my answer to @marian2js question. I hope this helps. Still have anything to discuss, feel free to ask. I would be more than happy to discuss this.

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