Launched on Product Hunt

We entrepreneurs, startup enablers and community initiators always start our morning with fresh news and updates from the startup world. And we all get updates from our favorite publishers, blog and media companies.

What if there will be an algorithm travels to the internet, social media, hundreds of publishers, blogs and what not to analyze the trending startup content and delivers you every 30 minutes under a single platform. Isn't it cool but fast, effective and intelligent way to start our morning? Let me know your thoughts.

That's the vision of Startup Around! I am excited to launch Startup Around publically on my most favourite product community, Product Hunt. Feel free to ask your questions, suggestions and feedback to improve the product in our next release.

PH Link: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/startup-around

Looking forward to hear from the community!

  • Love from Startup Around Team <3
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