December 20, 2019

Testing new idea. Great response so far.

Justin Richards @rastrent

I've had an idea for awhile to build a small directory of dev shops that focus on working with early stage ideas and startups. Running agencies before, I was always looking for a way for new inbound leads without breaking the bank. I would of happily paid $100 to $200 for a featured spot. If I got even 1 lead from it over a year, it would of been worth it.

I sent out a quick typeform questionnaire to a slack group community I was apart of and got a great response. About 10 devs or agencies signed up with in a day or so to be listed.

The most important question I asked on the form was if they would be willing to pay for a featured spot in their respective city. Close to 40% of the responses said they'd pay for a featured listing. Woot!

Given this percentage It seams worth it to build something out. Lets do this.

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