November 12, 2019

Made a Shirt for My Wife for Christmas

Jesse Sutherland @TheJester12

Was thinking about buying my wife one of those "state" shirts that feature the US state you live in and say something like "home". But as I thought about it I wondered if since she grew up in Wisconsin, if she would like a shirt that featured both Wisconsin and Minnesota where we now live. I designed something and used an online vendor to print it. It was a fun Christmas present because it was personalized to her. It also got me thinking if others would want similar shirts.

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    Rather, it reminds me of the elegant clothing used by road riders in their squad uniforms in certain weather conditions, as part of the base coat. This also reminds me of the individuals that I used to wear when I played. Such athletic shirts were nevertheless distinct since they were not made of cotton, but in fundamental style, they matched the undershirt.
    You can get more ideas about lesbian clothes here:

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      To get started, you don't need to know anything about apparel making, since we assist you with the technical side of the method of manufacturing clothing. Only have some simple sketches or a concept file for us. Then our experts in textile design will direct you through the steps required to produce by clothing manufacturing companies. We mostly do everything, from making your private label concept files to working with the clothing manufacturers.

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