November 29, 2019

Idea for StatusDeck was born

Jennifer @jenifuurrr

I've read so many times that you should solve your own problem, and that is what we're currently working on with StatusDeck. We are both bogged down with communication on a daily basis (coming for two totally different industries) and we figured we can't be the only people that have this problem.

No matter how hard we try we've both always had problems keeping up with all of our client communication while providing the level of service that we feel our clients are entitled to. We dreamed of something that would help keep our clients informed without requiring constant input or interruptions to getting the work done.

To be honest we've been discussing this idea for several years now and have finally hashed out the details of how the application should work, who should use it and what the most important features are for a MVP. We finally have some time to make this application as awesome as we have been brainstorming and we hope you will join us on our development and launching journey!

Brett is a developer and currently owns a software consultancy located in Salem, OR. He specializes in creating modern web applications but his passion is tinkering with new technology in his spare time.

Jennifer comes from the legal world and currently works in Estates... 😴but her passions are blogging and social media!

And with our powers combined.... here we are! 😉