September 25, 2020

$5,000 MRR

Colin Bartlett @cbartlett

It's been almost 6 years of grinding, but StatusGator has crossed the $5k MRR threshold. Growth has been slow but steady the last few months and this milestone is a huge one for us mentally. More importantly than just this number is what lines beneath it though: Our gross profit on this revenue is about 88% and we're growing at a consistent 10% rate every month now.

We did, however, recently stop publishing our MRR here on IndieHackers and wrote about why on our blog. The main reason is that the number was pretty inaccurate at times. Plus, it seems silly for everyone to compare themselves with a number that's quite meaningless in a vacuum.

Regardless, we don't mind sharing our accurate numbers openly. And we're excited to have reached this milestone! Andy and I can both see a path forward for us to quit our consulting and work full time on StatusGator. In fact, we are already starting to pull back on our consulting so we can invest more time in growth.

It has always been my dream to stop trading time for dollars and to instead build my own products. I cannot believe it has taken 6 years to get to this point. But I am thrilled that we're actually making it work and cautiously optimistic that growth will continue.

Today's Top Milestones
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