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I interview entrepreneurs who inspire me and share their radical ideas with the world. #ReducingKnowledgeArbitrage.

October 18, 2020 A stranger left a beautiful review on my podcast

I saw this today on Apple Podcast.
I've released just 6 episodes and this stranger made my day.

Nothing validates your product more than strangers falling in love with it. You'll see the review at the bottom of the page posted on 11th Oct.

"Choose this podcast!
Time is limited so we must choose wisely! This is an excellent podcast for learning not only how to market yourself and your brand but also how to become successful in general. Everything you need to know tied up in a nice neat package all in one place! Cannot recommend it enough!"

Thank You, Stranger :)

September 25, 2020 Got retweeted by Jesse Itzler

New to twitter with just 12 followers. Got retweeted by Jesse Itzler. I'd never considered Twitter seriously until I talked to Pete from No CS Degree :)
I've built 115k following on Tiktok for my podcast and trying to contribute to twitter community as well.

September 21, 2020 Released 3rd episode of my podcast

I'd Interviewed Pete from No CS Degree last week for Steal My Marketing Podcast. Pete has grown his interview blog to a job board, bootcamp index, book, course, and other projects. Learnt a ton from him. Available on all platforms -

September 14, 2020 Interviewed Pete from No CS Degree for my podcast

I've been reading No CS Degree for a while now and last week I reached out to Pete for an interview. Spent an hour learning from him. I'd spent hours on his website going through all the stories over the past year and it was awesome to talk about all his projects - website, books, job board, newsletter course and Meet your heroes. Excited to share it with you on 20th Sept :)
For anyone interested, the podcast is Steal My Marketing on all major podcasting platforms. Here's the newsletter link ->

September 7, 2020 Launched the 2nd episode of my podcast

4 months back I asked indiehackers for best newsletter platform recommendations. Since then I've launched the newsletter (substack) + podcast (anchor). Was focused on building my Tiktok page to 100k. I'll be pushing the newsletter and podcast now :)

I interview entrepreneurs who inspire me and share their radical ideas with the world. #ReducingKnowledgeArbitrage.