October 9, 2019

Made a decision

Dane Grant @danecando

Step 3 in 12 step programs involves making a decision. After a long period of burn out and lack of motivation I made the decision to get back on the grind and start building out this idea that I've had on the back burner for a while. As of now there is no really great platforms for online 12 step meetings. The one I do know of is old and janky. I'm building a modern platform for hosting and attending 12 step meetings online. A community of people with a common goal of staying sober and helping others. Time to start putting in the work.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Landing Page
    That time I will do the project not alone, but with my love. We are both expats, me Swiss, she from Brazil. We both know, that Brazilians have the so
  • Spent a lot of time working on a product. Roast it
    Would love someone roast it to bring me back to reality! I've been working on a B2B SaaS startup for way too long, our MVP is almost ready (Feb'21), a