November 25, 2019


Phil Chwistek @Jubjubtumtum

I decided to re-build "ByteSized" from scratch, both in terms of the codebase and as a business. At this time, I decided that in order to make money, the extension needed more features to justify a price tag. I re-branded the product as hermitly. The concept was to allow users to create and re-use "shells." A shell was a re-usable workspace that would enforce a certain blacklist of sites, load up a particular kanban board, and set their tabs up according to their configuration.

It was also at this time that I would chainsmoke podcasts and books related to startups, which exposed me to IndieHackers. All this content made me realize how much I had initially discounted marketing. To validate my idea, I employed the Google Ads/landing page technique mentioned in "Start Small, Stay Small" by Rob Walling. Of the couple hundred people who were directed to my landing page, 18% had clicked on "Add to Chrome" and half of those who clicked left their email.

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