December 28, 2019

Came Up With My Idea!


So after months of working on potential products and just taking action, i've finally been able to nail down exactly what it is I want to build.

Around this time last year things got super tough and it was very very dark times. During this time I came across stoicism while reading another book and decided to look more into the philosophy and long story short;

It changed my life.

Throughout the past year i've been able to practice stoic techniques and apply certain philosophies to me life by building the habit of journaling but recently while building I thought that it would be awesome to have a tool that makes it super easy for me to maintain my habit and even make it stronger and also i'll be able to measure things more easily.

So I decided to build a tool that:

  • Gives you daily routine that includes stoic techniques and exercises for you to complete in the morning and evenings (or before bed) and sends you reminders to do this to help build the habit.

  • Has a library of stoic principles and philosophies that will be given to you and serve as reminders overtime.

  • Store your own principles and values for life as well and reflect on those routinely

  • Easily review past routines to see your previous mindset or just to reflect on your life

I have loads of ideas for features to add but this will be where I will start for my MVP.

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