August 20, 2019

Storytool is live on ProductHunt

Walt Schlender @schlendeus

Just posted Storytool to Product Hunt. If you find the tool useful any support is appreciated 😊

Some take-aways I've learned as I went through the build + launch process -->

  1. Putting together a pre-launch group is great. I did it by linking my landing page to a google form. Some of the feedback led to some good changes in the product.

  2. I built my product first... but given that the pre-launch group worked I could have built my landing page first. I've found that it's easy to steer my products off-track when I build product first so I think I'll start with the marketing materials in the future.

  3. Even better than building the landing page first would have been to just hack together a few comics to show. This might have let me change course and make Storytool work with Instagram. It's a lesson for my next product.

  4. It was much easier than I thought to put together videos and animations. I used Motionden for the videos -- I'm not sure I would strongly recommend this approach but it does work.

I'm excited to see how Storytool does and no matter the outcome I'll know more for my next launch!

Today's Top Milestones
  • Got interviewed by IH about how I grew Thankbox
    I was super happy to be invited to do an interview with IH about my journey building Thankbox. I spent a lot of time on it and aimed to capture as muc