August 20, 2019

Storytool is live on ProductHunt

Walt Schlender @schlendeus

Just posted Storytool to Product Hunt. If you find the tool useful any support is appreciated ๐Ÿ˜Š

Some take-aways I've learned as I went through the build + launch process -->

  1. Putting together a pre-launch group is great. I did it by linking my landing page to a google form. Some of the feedback led to some good changes in the product.

  2. I built my product first... but given that the pre-launch group worked I could have built my landing page first. I've found that it's easy to steer my products off-track when I build product first so I think I'll start with the marketing materials in the future.

  3. Even better than building the landing page first would have been to just hack together a few comics to show. This might have let me change course and make Storytool work with Instagram. It's a lesson for my next product.

  4. It was much easier than I thought to put together videos and animations. I used Motionden for the videos -- I'm not sure I would strongly recommend this approach but it does work.

I'm excited to see how Storytool does and no matter the outcome I'll know more for my next launch!

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