September 3, 2019

Introducing Stratagem ๐Ÿš€

Colin Bethea @colinjbethea

I am very excited to introduce Stratagem.

Heads up - you can request access now.

I have been keeping this project under wraps for a while, and today I have decided to make it public as we are finishing up initial development at the moment.

Stratagem is a web application and community for setting and pursuing professional goals, staying accountable with vetted peers, and creating your best professional life.

We are currently a private community and are invite/referral-only, but are planning on opening up our application in the future.

It has multiple components that link together well:

  • A web application that lets you set, describe, and affirm serious life/professional goals.

In addition to goal-setting, you can:

  • See the relation between each short term, long term, and overarching goal
  • Publicly display your goals to others (which is important for another reason)
  • Track your progress over time in terms of goals accomplished, status, etc.

A private community forum where people can:

  • Introduce themselves and make valuable connections
  • Get feedback, validation, and be challenged by their colleagues
  • Keep themselves accountable with frequent updates and check-ins

A concierge service full with:

  • Personal onboarding
  • Check-ins and follow-ups
  • White glove customer support

TLDR: Think WIPChat but for professional and life goals, a private accountability group with vetted members, and a community.

In the future we plan to introduce a forum with AMAs from notable individuals, recommended professional resources, and a number of other perks.

We charge $30/month, onboarding and screening every new client, and consulting with each.

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