December 19, 2019

Formally launched [press + ProductHunt]

Richard @Camper

We've been prepping for some time to get this formal launch knocked out and today much of that effort culminated press release and a launch on ProductHunt.

The press release was written several months ago and I've been tweaking it periodically as we've refined the product to be more "press-worthy". There's more I'd personally like to do, but coming to terms with making progress on marketing and just constantly refining a product our users are telling us they like is something we must do. So we did.

The affects of the PR will trickle in over time, and we've been actively notifying our partners and friends in the industry about the PH posting. You can check that out here btw -

We'll see how this plays out over the coming days and hopefully have some useful info to share here.


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