December 16, 2019

Sponsored our first local Twitch meet-up

Richard @Camper

This felt amazing, as we've been members of the Twitch Orlando community for over 3 years. They've been great to us, and in turn we've done what we could to support them and help to grow the community. We've talked about sponsoring once MVP was done so once the opportunity came about we were all over it.

This was the first time we'd had to sit down and seriously consider what event attendance looked like once there's a live and functional product. The team turned around the deliverables on this so quickly. Everyone really rallied around the need and came through impressively.

The Twitch Orlando team took good care of us as well, ensuring we had time to present to the group at the first meet-up they were hosting in their new "forever" venue. We learned some lessons about setting up and redeeming promo codes in Stripe along the way that opened up new opportunities for us on the marketing front as well. The unintended consequences of an event like this cannot be overstated. Looking back we weren't fully prepared but we learned a ton and it was a great event. Looking forward to the next!