December 16, 2019

StreamKick beta is live!

Richard @Camper

We launched StreamKick during TwitchCon from the restaurant at our Hilton in San Diego. I've yet to experience a completely smooth product launch, and StreamKick was no different, but we pulled it off. Between the team we had assembled in San Diego, and the folks back home (and elsewhere), and about 6 hours of troubleshooting, we made it happen.

Feedback at TwitchCon was very warm. The live-streaming community has always been very vocal about what they like, want, etc. From that standpoint we've been super fortunate. It's enabled us to create a product that, even at MVP, satisfies real needs and disparity in the market.

We brought a lot home in terms of what we need to do next, so the event on the whole was a big success for us. Here's the next year, and hopefully exhibiting!

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