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I want to provide great tools for Twitch streamers to help them become successful online content creators running a profitable business/stream. I also want to eventually work for myself full-time.

October 20, 2021 Shipped a couple of customer requests this week

As this has been a nights-and-weekends project, I haven't spent a bunch of time marketing this out, but we do have users (42 signed-up users, 16 active users). When I initially launched StreamSounds back in August 2020, I posted about it on Twitter and got a fair amount of traction with probably around 50 people reaching out to get access. Probably half of those sign up.

Overtime, as people have heard about StreamSounds, they've joined, and for a vast majority of the time, because StreamSounds has basically been a "single feature" product, I haven't had much feedback.

This week, that changed.

I had two people reach out to me and ask for specific things to be implemented, both of which were 1-2 hours worth of work and which I turned around within a day or so. It was nice having people say, "This would help me. Can you do this?"

This isn't the first time I've gotten feedback about what to implement. In one specific case of feedback, I hadn't implemented that feedback yet due to the complexity of what was asked for. I'm finally tackling that previous feedback now that the necessary infrastructure is in place.

One thing I have been doing is showing up each week and talking about what I've done while streaming on Twitch each week. I start my streams off with 10-20 minutes of talk about StreamSounds, then go to content people are more interested in watching. At the very least, it's helpful for me to show my commitment to the project and that things are getting done. It also gives me an opportunity to talk to people about features that are being implemented.

Most of the time, it ends up being me giving a status update of sorts, but sometimes we end up with good conversations happening because of questions people ask on stream.

I read the transcript from Indie Hackers #86 with Lynne Tye of Key Values ( It's been prompting a bunch of thought on my end on how to engage streamers better and also focus on the things I'm not good at first, such as marketing and customer outreach.

It's clear I can build a product, but can I market it and draw people to use and pay for it?

March 11, 2021 The Story So Far...

StreamSounds has been a nights-and-weekends project of mine for just over a year at this point. The goal of StreamSounds is to provide cloud-based tools that Twitch streamers use to grow their streams, become Twitch Partner, and ideally be able to turn their stream into a career if they so desired.

I originally got the idea for StreamSounds while complaining to a friend over lunch. I was trying to move away from using StreamLabs ChatBot (desktop app) after I received horrible customer service from StreamLabs. I had moved over to StreamElements, but couldn't find a way to create cloud-based sound commands in StreamElements (or any other cloud-based tool), so I figured I could build it myself.

I prototyped StreamSounds while traveling to visit some family members and after I got the prototype working for myself, I decided that there was a lot more I could do with this idea. I decided that I could build something that would work for not just myself, but for anyone who wanted to have sound commands via a cloud-based offering.

I rewrote the prototype and offered it as a publicly-available tool on August 28th, 2020 for other streamers to use. It was incredibly simple, very ugly, did one thing, but it worked.

Since then, I've implemented some features based on user feedback, and am looking forward to rolling out my next big update, which is channel points integration. Not sure when channel points integration will be done, but more streamers are taking notice of StreamSounds and following along for status updates. One of my main goals is to have subscription billing built into the product before the end of the year.


I want to provide great tools for Twitch streamers to help them become successful online content creators running a profitable business/stream. I also want to eventually work for myself full-time.