August 13, 2019

How did we come up with the idea?

Ivan Panarin @uamanager

We were working in a product company whose activities were related to video streaming. On one of the meetings, we were debating about a solution for real-time editing of a video stream. Most of the solutions were static, with no ability to change something in runtime, more of that the products cost pretty penny.

The second team which was on consultancy purpose decided that we have no choice, and we have to use workarounds to achieve the desired result.

It wasn't a good idea, as I saw it. So I as a developer tried to develop own solution. One sleepless night and the prototype was ready — I could get 40 frames per second from the renderer. We earned first, but not the last achievement. The second step was to achieve a performance increase. One more night, and I could get 250 frames per second. That was the moment of Streamus born.

It's not the last milestone, and we endeavor to deliver the simplest from the user perspective and most powerful tool on the market.

Follow us to keep up to date with Streamus news and remember: “Challenges exist to accept and beat them."

Good luck with your start-ups.

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