#1 Product of the Week on Product Hunt

You can check it out.

A lot of credit goes to IH. Sharing some tips:


  1. Launch on Tuesday. Historically, Tuesday has the most votes. Even if you don't get #1 of the day. More people will see your product. If you want to get product of the day and don't care about overall traffic. Launch on Sunday.

  2. Share the launch on Twitter, Indie Hackers, Slack, LinkedIn and your email list.

  3. Don't ask for votes. Ask for comments and reviews. The former gets you disqualified.

  4. Respond to comments. This factors into the algorithm.

  5. Get someone with a large following to hunt you. Their followers get an alert when they hunt a new product. (EDIT: Debate in comments but verified, by @hieunc, that this works)


  • Deliver value before you launch. Going into the launch with brand affinity helps.

That's it. The previous milestone mentions PreviewHunt and how to land on the first page.

  1. 8

    Love it. I’m planning to launch 🚀 https://storycreatorapp.com this week. Let’s gooo

    1. 2

      🔥Looks dope Michael. Feel free to DM when you launch. I'm good for a comment

      @DruRly on Twitter

      1. 1

        Sweet. I am nervous I am not properly prepared.

        I would like to use this launch as a way to bring some cash in the door. I have been thinking about what headlime.io did, which is running a lifetime offer to bring some seed cash.

        I don't want this to be a thing that prevents me from launching, but doing a deal where the first 100 lifetime accounts are sold at $197 would mean $19k of seed money so that I can pay rent in 2 months and start testing ads.

        So I am thinking about baking that into the product today/tomorrow then launching on Thursday.

        I'd love thoughts if you have any and if you're pressed for time I have a quick demo https://storycreatorapp.com/demo I'd like to gather your thoughts on if you think I am missing anything for launch.


        1. 1

          This is cool!

          I planned to launch with a deal and suspect that revenue could have been a lot higher with it. It doesn't have to be a lifetime deal. Maybe something like use the code 'producthunt' for XX% off for the next 24 hours. Could drive urgency.

          BTW. The ability to try the product without friction is great.

  2. 3

    🥳 Congrats! This is such valuable info, thanks for sharing!

    1. 2

      Thanks Stephen!

      To @blaubaer points, seems to be a lot hearsay around the algorithm.

      Trying to share what I think helped 🙂

  3. 3

    Congrats @dru_riley 🎉 Great to see loads of people love Trends.vc too!
    Thanks for the golden nuggets ✨

    1. 1

      Thanks! Hope it helps

  4. 3

    Congratulations @dru_riley

    Planning to goto ProductHunt next week and this helps. Thankyou!!

  5. 2

    This is awesome. Congrats @dru_riley!

    According to @Akcium, there are no alerts. Please comment if you have proof

    Apparently, there is a notification when someone hunts a product.

  6. 2

    Insight from our PH campaign last week

    There are some additional things you are not getting told about the algorithm, but which are crucial to know.

    We did all of the above, had a very well known hunter hunt us and the day started looking good. Temporarily we were on fifth place, with many votes coming in (we shared among our whole network). In terms of votes and comments we were pretty much among the top 3 or 4 for large parts of the day. Still, our ranking started to decline. There were times where we had 200 votes and ranks before us had 30 or 40 votes. So what is happening?

    Apparently, people who are just signing up to PH (as large parts of our network did) are not having the same influence as already active members of the PH community. Makes sense, if I'd have to design their algorithm I'd do the same. But this is an important thing to know, because you should ask your network maybe a week or two in advance to join PH and become active - and then vote for you from the leaderboard.

    TAKEAWAY: Additionally to all of the above, tell your network a week or two in advance to sign up for PH and be active on the site. Then when the day comes, they should vote for you and comment.

  7. 2

    Thanks @dru_riley, will be trying this approach for https://launch.ariv.ai today on Product Hunt.

    1. 1

      Thanks Travis 👊

  8. 1

    There is a lot of ambiguity around

    Get someone with a large following to hunt you. Their followers get an alert when they hunt a new product.

    PH themselves say this doesn’t happen anymore but it definitely does.

  9. 1

    The trick with hunter doesn't work anymore, does it? Hunter followers don't get notification?

    1. 1

      Thanks Victor. Updated. Lmk if you have a link/tweet of the update.

    2. 1

      I think it does in terms of where you start out on the leaderboard at the beginning of the day.

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