December 5, 2019

Talked w/customers & set price

Luke Abbott @LukeA

After almost a year of listening to the Fizzle Show, I was fully indoctrinated with a new approach to product-building. I was banishing my old approach of secretly working on what I thought was a cool project in the hopes of finishing and releasing it someday, and instead was determined to put my efforts toward building something people actually wanted... and talking with them to figure out exactly what that was. So I had a few extended conversations with some friends and acquaintances in the music community. I tried to ask non-leading questions about what wanted, and while nobody suggested what I was thinking about, they did suggest solutions that were much inferior to my approach. And when I finally told them what I was cooking up, they got really excited.

Then I asked them what they felt would be a fair price for this. Keep in mind that I was thinking this might be something I'd charge like $1 or $2 a month for, like LastPass did (until they raised their prices).

They said they'd pay $100+, or $10-20 a month if a subscription. So I asked what the "no brainer" price would be, and they said $5/month.

I was overjoyed. I could charge more than I thought I could, and charge them less than they thought it should cost. Win-win.

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