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Always wanted to build something that everybody can use

November 18, 2021 Offering a free Lifetime deal

So the whole story is that when we launch in about a month we will need plenty of users to test our offering. We will be launching 20 seed apps on our platform. They will not be launched all at the same time but offering a free lifetime deal allows us to see what people are most interested in and so what app we can launch first.

We launched a small budget google ads campaign and signing up users at less than 5 usd / user.
current count is 63 signup/invite requests.

November 7, 2021 Our site is live , ready to accept you

we have been moving forward with the website
to be able to startup the marketing machine. The first thing we will be doing is to publish the solution pages to discover what people are looking for in terms of online apps.

For the moment its only the invite list you can register yourself for ...

We set our pricing and started with a very generous forever free for up to 5 users ... Why 5 ? we hope it will allow other people to promote our product by inviting other people. We will see what it will do

October 22, 2021 Restarted Development

We took a pause on this project and decided this week to restart the work. Target is to launch the product this year.

If you wish to receive a Beta invite, follow me here.
We will start with a very generous offer.

We will be competing with Monday and Airtable

November 10, 2019 This month we started the build of

We all know how much tools are there for personal and team productivity. So one more will not be an issue.

It will be a place to store the data of your team/projects combined with a tool to track people and their todo's.

We are not sure if it will be freemium or not , good change it will be
let us know what you think.

question will be when freemium, when will it be paying ?
we need to make a living.


Always wanted to build something that everybody can use