December 31, 2019

Email Waiting List Grew! 19 new potential studios

Alexander Kluge @naii

Just like my email waiting list for voice actors did my waiting list for potential studios grow.

Initially, I wanted this to be a mailing list for partner studios so I can email them the most important things without spamming them.

But it turned out that studios I haven’t heard of before signed up for this list.

This means that I will contact them, see where they are located and try to meet them in person. Meeting them in person, shaking hands (old-school) and find an agreement to make them new partner studios is how I do things. This is not scalable at all unless I have staff who does that part of the job—but I’ve been enjoying it a lot. In fact, in one of my Instagram stories I said (it must have been in Nashville, Tennessee): „I could do this forever.” And I was referring to the fact that I can not only travel around and meet studio owners but speak all those languages (French in Morocco, Spanish in Portugal and Spain, and English in the US and UK). As a language lover, this is sheer paradise.

So, I’m happy about these new potential partner studios. I’m curious where in the world they are located :)

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