December 31, 2019

Email Waiting List Grew! From 0 to 48 voice actors

Alexander Kluge @naii

Within 6 months and as a side effect of having met more than 100 studios (not all of them became partners, unfortunately) in North Europe, Southern Europe, the US, and the UK, my email waiting list grew - almost unnoticed - to 48 voice actors who are interesting in using my service.

It was one of my original fears that starting with getting studios on board could be the wrong way. But my desire to try it was bigger because I figured: It’s easier to talk to voice actors and tell them I have X amount of recording studios on board, do you want to use Studiolist? Compared to approach them and say: I have no studios on board but I can let you know when the service starts.

Studios are part of my core service: No studios means there’s nothing I can offer to the artist.

And convincing the studios to come on board was rather easy because:

  1. I showed up in front of their studio (that’s why I traveled around). It makes an impression because they see my commitment to showing up.

  2. It’s free marketing and they only pay 10 percent commission when they make money—fair business model.

  3. Most of the studio owners I talked to liked my energy and expressed sympathy.

But back to the voice actors…

Even this little amount of actors expressing interest shows me that I’m onto something. I felt that already when I was traveling the US which was a fun trip and so much time in the bus (Denver to Seattle is quite a ride ^^).

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