March 26, 2020

LinkedIn Ad

Russell Schick @rschick

The target market for StudyBox is schools and businesses that have a learning management system (LMS), so I decided to try reaching them through LinkedIn. I created a simple text ad that points to my landing page. I selected an e-learning audience based on industry, and also included some relevant groups. I searched for groups using the names of popular LMS's, and found about a dozen groups that sounded like a good match. The groups approach may not be very effective since it resulted in a small target audience size of around 9000. By adding the "E-Learning" industry the target audience went up to 370k.

I set up a 7-day campaign with a maximum spend of $20/day. I definitely don't want to be spending this kind of money on a regular basis until I have some revenue, so I am brainstorming ideas for how to also reach my audience without spending any money.

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