November 20, 2019

App Store Release

Brian Watson @biologistbrian

Wow, I did it! I woke up today to Stumbleapod being released in the iOS App store! A little over a month ago, I literally knew nothing about mobile app development. Today, I've got something out there in the app ecosystem =)

Sumbleapod isn't the prettiest app (I'm being nice). In fact, there are parts of it where I'm just flat out embarrassed that I made it. I'll just pretend I took advice from my good buddy Reid Hoffman in his Masters of Scale podcast where he said you should ship so soon that you should be embarrassed of your first release. I'm just following Yoda's advice here. But, I'm just really proud of overcoming so many obstacles on this journey and going from knowing nothing about developing mobile apps to having a crumb at the table. I can't even begin to tell you about all of the things I learned.

So, what's next - that's a great question. Stumbleapod was the "first pancake" for me in so many ways. You know, when you make pancakes and you grease the pan and the first one always turns out a weird shape and color? It's that, for me. I could spend my time on this pancake, making it pretty, and a lot more fun, get some users, and then try to generate some revenue by boosting certain podcasts in the stumble search. But, keep in mind that I spent about 5 weeks figuring out how to develop an app - and I'm a big idea guy. I had a new idea each of those 5 weeks! So, I could call Stumbleapod the first pancake in my journey of mobile app development as heading down this path and learning these skills has really opened up the floodgates in terms of executing other great ideas that are stirring about my brain. So, I'm waffling on what to do next (pancakes, waffles - have you had breakfast yet?) and I'm heading out to take my lunch break in about an hour where I'll retreat to a cozy cafe to work on a side project for an hour, so I should probably figure it out by then! Ha! =)

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