October 15, 2019

Stumbleapod.com MVP launch

Brian Watson @biologistbrian

Woosh! It's up. http://www.stumbleapod.com is your podcast discovery platform that will find podcast shows and episodes for you based on your tastes...soon. =-) Just pushed out a live version with some functionality to test this idea out. I'd love your thoughts and feedback on functionality for the next iterations. Obviously, its a quick and dirty MVP, so don't expect the moon and stars, YET!

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    Hello Brian,

    I looked for some interesting podcasts sometime ago, so I did this just by googling top podcasts about specific topics.

    I tried your demo, and here is some feedback:

    1. It's very hard to read all these text blocks, maybe add some icons?
    2. It wasn't clear why some podcast was started playing, maybe just a list of podcasts and why it's recommended would be a better option?

    But also it's not really clear for me how you are going to monetize this service? Or it's just for fun?

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      Thanks anton, great to start to figure out how people find new podcast content - there are only SO many episodes of Indie Hackers to quench our undying thirst, no?!

      1. I like the bit about icons. I want to do that on each little button, maybe some gradient, too. But, I'll figure that out once I start doing a deep dive on styling later. Just got to get the tool out there, now.
      2. It's a play on Stumbleupon - the popular webapp that allowed you to randomly go to web pages. So that's just what you do, you click some interests, hit stumble, boom - podcast is playing.

      Monetizing. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! I have a plan. It'll always be free to use. But I think there'll be a way to monetize through clever podcast promotions, once the audience finds the stumbleapod stage and likes it.