October 16, 2019

Wrote first Medium post about Stumbleapod.com

Brian Watson @biologistbrian

Wrote a little blog post announcing the Stumbleapod MVP, hoping I can get some traffic from it and some people interested in giving me feedback on overall use and functionality https://medium.com/@stumbleapod/stumbleapod-com-stumbleupon-for-podcasts-47d2731133e4

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    you got at least one visitor in me.. ;)

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      ok, i'm not sure if it's not working, or if there just aren't that many podcasts listed yet...

      or maybe i did something wrong.

      I started out by choosing around 15 topics that i'm interested in and the clicked the Stumble-button.

      i landed on an episode of npr... all the categories i had chosen had disappeared from the search bar above the podcast...

      then i clicked the right arrow to get to the next podcast and it worked but it kept showing me npr-episodes... nothing else..

      then i went back and only chose the category "marketing" and hit Stumble again.
      Then it showed me a GaryVee episode, i clicked the right arrow again and again and it kept only showing me GaryVee episodes..

      i think the UX generally could use a little work, let me know if i can help you with some ideas/sketches/mockups..

      also, i'd love the option to stumble through podcast CHANNELS instead of single episodes.. i'm more interested in finding channels with relevant topics and then looking for the right episode myself..:)

      i love the idea! kinda jealous even! 😜 will keep following your story :)

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        Shiiiiiiit. a glitch! What kind of browser were you using? the 15 or so topics you picked shouldn't have disappeared from the search bar. That would give you the option to click stumble again if you didn't like the show stumble picked out for you. Garyvee is the whole reason I added that feature. I don't like his show and anytime his image popped up and podcast started playing, I wanted to hit stumble again and quickly find a new show rather than hit "back", pick out the topics again, and hit stumble again.


        The purple arrows give people the opportunity to sift through the episodes of the show they stumbled on. I made this because I stumbled on an awesome episode 1 of business wars podcast on Ford vs. Chevy and I wanted to listen to episodes 2-5 but didn't have a quick way to find them. This way I can always catch the next in a series. Maybe some more arrows on top and bottom for switching shows within the genres? I know it's not intuitive,...but maybe we could make it so? hell, idk.


        Yes, I would agree, the UI/UX respectfully blow. I've never been good at ux/ui. I even suck at picking out shirts. I think, 'damn, that's a hot ass shirt', then I buy it and realize I'm an average looking white dude with absolutely no business wearing a sleeveless t-shirt hoodie. I know my weaknesses, and my strengths, and am comfortable in them =) haha. Sure! If you get bored while drinking beers and pondering life, I'd love some help in that realm. Just started working on the mobile app, so it couldn't be a better time.


        Channels first then you find the episode, you say, eh? That's an interesting idea..I like the idea of a user clicking stumble and BAM they're listening to a fresh episode in about 5 seconds. So maybe I test the idea that it autoplays the episode, but all the episodes are listed from that show somehow that allows the user to select other episodes or add them to their playlist for later...


        Thanks for following, and for the sweet <hr> posting theme (stolen!). I'll definitely keep posting. I think this is going somewhere if I can just execute the vision.

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          I was on Chrome... haven't had any other issues.. :)

          I see, so I just did it wrong, i was expecting to get to the next random podcast when clicking the arrow :)

          " I even suck at picking out shirts. I think, 'damn, that's a hot ass shirt', then I buy it and realize I'm an average looking white dude with absolutely no business wearing a sleeveless t-shirt hoodie."

          this made me literally LOL in public 😂

          UI/UX: I'll try to get something ready this weekend :)

          You should definitely keep the stumbling-into-episodes.. i'd just like an additional option where i would only stumble into Channels and then maybe next to it there's a list of the episodes..

          It could also show me the channel with a short description and still autoplay the latest episode with a list to choose next to it :)

          I also think this could go somewhere :) in Switzerland, where everything happens a few years later, podcasts are starting to pop up too.. and if you look at some of the podcast related products here on IH, their stripe-verified revenue has often been growing incredibly fast and consistently over the last year or so....

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