January 21, 2020

Launched the prototype along with the landing page

Ertugrul Cavusoglu @Ertugrul

After months of learning no-code programming, product development and copy-writing, I finally launched a prototype of Subscribr along with a landing page. 🎉

• Subscribr is an indie productivity app that helps the user connect better with the information sources freely available on the web.


👉The user receives personalized digests each week, consisting of the most valuable and freshest content in their chosen domains.

👉In addition, it gamifies the process of the consumption of these content by turning each of them into tasks needing to be accomplished, by which you earn productivity points.

In other words, We help our users consume the right content for their personal and professional growth.

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To subscribe to knowledge ☞ Subscribr.app

Ertugrul Cavusoglu

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