Launched our landing page to get beta users

We purchased a domain (subtrac.io) and spun up a quick landing page to collect email addresses for our beta users.

We got 10 in the first week and continued to validate the idea with more market research. We could only find subscription tracking tools for consumers, nothing aimed at businesses and tracking their subscriptions and user licenses

Today's Top Milestones
  • New customers from AppSumo
    Launching Pixela in AppSumo helps me to bring in new customers. I've prepared a landing page explaining the differences between the standard Basic pla
  • Simplescraper just hit 20,000 chrome installs!
    Hey Indiehackers, I've lurked more than I've posted since signing up in 2017. For the last year+ I've been busy building Simplescraper (https://simple
  • 61 users!
    Within less than 2 weeks, we have 61 new users to web KOYA! The best part is that we are starting to see these users migrate over to downloading our i
  • I added a series of video demos on Youtube
    it may be daunting sometimes to start using a new product when you have an immediate usage need. Although, imager200 is simple, I have worked in the l
  • Interviewed about RosterBuddy
    I was recently interviewed about my upcoming NoCode SaaS product by the @NoCodeWealth podcast. I discuss how the idea came about and some other opport
  • I add a section with maker interviews
    *I have not offically launch the project* 🎙Because I collect feedback from users 🔥And every day new maker register and share their no-code projects
  • Launched our first medium article
    Today I had to take a pause from writing code and write plain simple english to promote the site. My goals for writing this medium article is mainly t
  • Import Data from Google Sheets to Create Forms
    Google Sheets is one of Google Suite’s most used applications. Whether you use it to track team goals, plan ahead on content, or even track attendance
  • First employee
    I'll have my first employee starting April 1st. After 15 solo years with the occasional freelancer working for me she will be helping me and I will he
  • Launched MVP for email shortcuts to Trello/Gdocs
    Hey IH peeps! I finished up Hitsnag's MVP almost a week ago and after some testing, it's time to start letting people use it! Hitsnag.com is email sho