November 28, 2019

Suet -> Mailintel


New site launched! Here was the mail sent to existing users yesterday:

At Suet, we believe emails sent to users are an important piece of every product. They give visibility into users, their engagement and how they interact with the product. Over the last couple of years, Suet has provided this analytics and reporting dashboard for transactional emails from Mailgun and Amazon SES. Now, it’s time to do more.

We are adding business intelligence tools to Suet. Now you can segment users, mails and activity feed based on parameters like email, subject, interaction date, action (delivery, opens, clicks, fails), and many more. This makes it easy to filter users and mails to see interaction and performance.

To reflect the changes, we are also rebranding as Mailintel. The current Suet domain ( and existing app will continue to work for a couple of weeks then will redirect to the new domain and app at Our twitter account is now (please follow if you are not doing so already).

We can’t wait to see you use the new platform and give us feedback. Please keep them coming at [email protected]

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